Monday, July 10, 2006

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Just back from five days at Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Arrowhead is hidden in the shadow of Algonquin, just past the Highway 60 exit, but it's a fabulous park. Very private campsites, tons of deer - we saw deer every evening while biking. My wife almost ran over one on her bike.

We biked around the lake one day. The trail was quite hilly, with a couple of muddy sections, but my five year old managed the 9km trip ok. She said her new adult tooth kept her going.

There's a great lookout spot on the far side of the campground. You can see 12,000 years into the past in the sandy hills.



  1. tania2:11 pm

    hello I wanted to know if you would recommend going to arrowhead provincial park? were yous disappointed or its ok? we are not looking for anything extravagant but somewhere nice, quite, animal viewings,canoing,hiking, and riding. I seen you said it was very private which is good. also what about the weather? was it rainy? cause we are planning on going the second week of July. well, thanks for your time please do get back to me at I appreciate it. Thanks Tania

  2. Mommy Happy Camper9:51 am

    Arrowhead still stands as one of my favorites. You can't beat the privacy of the campsites, especially in Roe or East River. The bathrooms have been updated and most are clean and flushing. They have 4 different beach areas and few other parks have the natural whirlpool and rushing waters. I also like the fact that it is close enough to Huntsville that you can get more supplies or pick up more beer :)
    I too have small kids so beach, swimming, clean washrooms and activities are certainly important. Arrowhead has it all. Unfortunately the fire ban was imposed during our visit in July so that was a shame, but a grand time was still had by all. Thumbs up.