Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Just back from a week at Charleston Lake Provincial Park, near Kingston.

The weather was great - we were at the beach every day. We took a cruise through some of the Thousand Islands from Gananoque, which is only about 15 minutes from the park.

My five year old spent most days at the bottom of the lake, scrounging for shells and rocks. She's very excited about being able to dive down to the bottom, swim underwater, and do somersaults.

We all stayed up way too late every night around the campfire. There were four families from the curling club on this trip, and one night we had 18 people together for a campfire dinner.

Next trip is to Killbear in two weeks - can't wait to go!



  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Thanks so much for posting your review! I'm excited to check out the beach there. :)

  2. There are two beaches - the one in the photo is hard sand, and on a bit of a slope. The other beach is wider, deeper and much sandier. This one was a good spot to launch a canoe, or go for a quick dip in the evening, but the main beach was much nicer. Have a good trip!

  3. Anonymous10:01 am

    we're intersted in camping at Charleston Lake - never been. We'd like to be as close the \lake as possible with a tent trailer...any suggestions?

  4. We stayed in the Shady Ridge campground, at the top of a hill - about a two minute walk to the lake. The sites in that area are all nice, and back onto a field where the kids played