Monday, August 28, 2006

What's curling?

One of our UI designers was over at my desk the other day, changing the UI requirements on me, minutes before we release for testing, and he sees "5 weeks to curling season!" on my whiteboard. He says to me, "what's curling?"

I say, "get the fuck out!"

He says, "no, really, what's curling?"

So I explain it to him, and he says, "I'm from Toronto, would they have curling in Toronto?"

I say, "Yes, I'm sure they do."

He shrugs and says, "who knew?"

I realize the world ends just outside the Toronto city limits, but come on, this IS Canada...



  1. Flip this URL to your friend, Marc:


  2. Somehow I don't think it would help, but thanks for the tip!


  3. It's just nuts that the Toronto area has produced some of the world's great curlers — John Kawaja, Wayne Middaugh, Mike Harris, Richard Hart, to name just some — and the sport gets ignored in the Metro environs. Somebody needs to bludgeon the Hogtown sports media until they realize that it's not Dick Beddoes in a wool sweater anymore. Should be a daily task at the CCA but I guess they just don't have the time.

    Dean Gemmell

  4. I can't wait to see how much coverage the Hamilton Brier gets in the Toronto papers.

    I wouldn't count on the CCA to carry the fight on this one, either. Maybe this will be an opportunity for the "new media" - bloggers, podcasters (if I may call you that, Dean), and specialty media such as The Curling News - to put some pressure on for more coverage.

    When the Scott was here in Kitchener a few years ago the local TV station did a decent amount of coverage, including a live report on the six o'clock news every night from the venue. We'll see if CITY or Global has someone in Hamilton...