Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'll see your tight race and raise you an ass kicking

Ontario Votes 2007, and it didn't turn out the way it looked like it might at the start of the campaign. From talk of a race too close to call, or a minority government one way or the other, this turned from a "tight race" into quite an ass kicking.

My riding flipped from PC to Liberal (finally!) and that was supposed to be a fairly safe seat for the Tories.

The sad news from the election was that the voter turnout was only around 52%. Maybe it's time we looked at making it mandatory to cast a ballot.

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  1. I'm all for voting to be mandatory. Still, 52% is high compared to the really poor turnout in the last local elections. It puzzles me when people don't even care about who's making decisions that affect their lives daily.

    Yup, I blog too, and I read your blog ocassionally. And I'm on my lunch break right now, so no guilt. :-)