Monday, July 21, 2008

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Just back from a week at Grundy Lake Provincial Park, near Sudbury. The park is a fantastic place for canoeing, swimming, hiking and biking. There are several shallow sandy beaches with warm water and rafts to jump from. The rafts are close enough that the four-year-old had no problem swimming out (with a life jacket, of course), and she spent some time jumping in from the raft.

There are plenty of "jumping rocks" throughout the park, with the best spot having three levels - one about ten feet high, one about fifteen feet high, and for the bravest jumpers the biggest is about twenty-five feet high. There is also a section of rock called "slippery rocks," where a thin layer of moss or something grows on the rocks, and it is impossible to get out of the water without using a rope. Luckily enough, someone's tied a rope to a nearby rock.

We hiked around Swan Lake, and picked enough wild blueberries to make pancakes the next morning, with some left over to top the Kawartha Dairy ice cream we tossed in the freezer on the way home.

We didn't see much wildlife in the park, but there is evidence of beavers everywhere - lots of dams and lodges. There was a bear sighting near our campsite the morning we left, but we didn't get close enough to see it.

On two separate days we did get close to a loon and her loonlet (loonie? loonling?) We drifted on the wind within ten feet of the loons, and managed to get some great photos.

At the end of the week we made it up to Sudbury to see Science North and the mining exhibit Dynamic Earth. My seven-year-old says she wants to be a scientist when she grows up, so she had a blast. We built and programmed a robot together, and she enjoyed searching for fossils and checking out the human body exhibits. I tried to stay away from the diagnostic imaging exhibit, but I couldn't do it. At least I aced the quiz.

Lots more Grundy Lake photos here:


  1. Anonymous7:21 pm

    hey great photos! I'm actually returning to grundy this year for camping, and I can't remember which campground had te jumping rocks in them, do you remember?
    please let me know at t would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  2. Anonymous11:10 am

    me too.....I would like to know about the "secret spot" !!!

  3. The jumping rocks are nearest to the White Spruce campground. The slippery rocks are in the Red Maple campground.

    We stayed in the Trailer campground, which is at most a 5 minute walk to the slippery rocks, and a 5 minute bike ride to the jumping rocks.

    We also canoed to both, with just a short portage at one point.

  4. I am looking at staying at the jack pine site... Can anyone please comment or give me a review on it???

    1. Anonymous8:51 am

      We had bears :| during the day while we are at our campsite. We hadn't cooked either as we came the night before. The rangers had to eventually come and shoo the bears off as the momma, baby and yearling continued to return. It was traumatizing and we had to move campsites. Otherwise jack pine is the best location.

    2. Yikes! We've seen bears in Algonquin, but the only one we've had at our campsite was at Halfway Lake. Same case as yours - we had arrived the night before. Probably someone staying on that site before you had left food out.

  5. I don't think we ever made it down to the Jack Pine area. We did canoe on that lake, though. It was quite nice - not too large, but large enough.

    You'd be a short paddle from several beaches, and the slippery rocks, from there.

  6. Anonymous10:04 pm

    SLIPPERY ROCK! That was my absolute favourite when I camped there. We had the group site that was right on the water, and it was about a 2 minute walk. The memories! We are going back this summer, i'm dying to cliff jump :D