Friday, January 16, 2009

Must. Work... No. Time. For. Blogging...

What's up these days? Let's see...

Curling last weekend in the Fairfield Marriott Challenge. We curled ok, but crapped out. A, B, see you later. We had a couple of misses at strategically critical times, and more than our share of picks, and those just killed us. I was running beside one rock, trying to keep up, when it picked and took the other turn. I've never seen that before, at that weight.

Tons of new features pouring into the product lately. Some long overdue UI improvements, and some eye candy. Might not be all that clinically useful, but it's going to look great on the RSNA show floor. And no, it won't be me in a bikini.

Time to start thinking about camping for the summer. We're toying with the idea of heading to Quebec. I grew up in Montreal, so it would be neat to camp in a park I stayed in as a kid. And I can brush up on my French. Note to self: run the product in French for a while. Might not help when camping, but if someone busts a leg I can talk radiology in French at the hospital...


  1. Nice write up in The Record this morning. Agfa is getting some money from Ontario and the Parent Company, so you should have 100 new lambs for the slaughter in Waterloo.

  2. I think we should dole out some hefty bonuses to the developers. That's what I'd do with the money if it was up to me. :)