Thursday, April 09, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Managers Become Great

Following up on Scott Berkun’s Top 10 Reasons Managers Become Assholes, as we mentioned here a while ago, is the Top 10 Reasons Managers Become Great.

1.  Enjoy helping people grow.
2. Love creating positive environments.
3. Want to correct mistakes inflicted on them.
4. Care deeply about the success and well being of their team.
5. Succession mentality.
6. Long term sense of reward.
7. Practice of the golden rule.
8. Self aware, including weaknesses.
9. Sets tone of healthy debate and criticism.
10. Willing to fight, but picks their battles.
11. (Bonus!) Instinctively corrects bad behaviour within their team.


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  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    Found anyone like this yet??

  2. I've had three managers who exhibited a majority of these points. Two of three ended up beaten down by the machine and were less effective as a result. The third was on his way there when I left the company.