Friday, May 22, 2009

The talk

I had the talk with my daughter the other day.  Not the birds and bees - I think that would have been a lot easier.  No, we had the "why would someone take an eight-year-old off the street" talk.

This was a tough one.  My daughter bears more than a slight resemblance.  Blonde, blue eyes.  Same age.  Similar features.  She's at the crossroads between being a responsible self-aware pre-teen, and a little girl.

I enjoy the milestones involved in watching my kids grow.  The first time they do things that are normally reserved for older kids.  Even the small things, like going to the mall and out to lunch with Mom.  Or the tastes of freedom, like going to the comfort stations by themselves when we're camping.  The signs that they are growing up, and that we trust them to do the right thing, and to make the right decisions.

Another sign they're growing up is that they are starting to realize that not everyone in the world is a friend they haven't yet met.  It means leaving some innocence behind, and it's hard for me to watch.  They grow up so fast on their own, and things like this just make it happen faster.  And there's nothing I can do to slow it down.

So, go home, hug your kids, and have yourself a weekend.

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  1. *sigh* I also think the birds and the bee's talk would be easier than this one.
    I've been struggling with the same talk. Wanting to make it very clear not to talk to strangers, go with strangers etc., but not scare the fire out of her. She's only 3 (4 next mo.)
    Sometimes the world makes me sad...