Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I need to get my hearing checked

What I heard:

“SuperMegaCorp is proud to be expanding our cardiology product line.  We’re interested in growing this part of the business, and look forward to an exciting product.”

What was said:

“SuperMegaCorp is slashing the cardiology development team in half, and scrapping all plans to move forward with an exciting product.”

I must have got too much smoke up my ass, and it affected my hearing…


  1. I heard about the Cardio stuff. How sad.
    Someone must have said those 5 scary words: can_it_get_any_worse? SuperMegaCorp likes to prove it can whenever possible.

  2. I asked if anyone had heard of a company that knew how to make software, and someone told me about a software company that knew how to make film.

    That about sums it up...