Friday, October 30, 2009

Ontario Provincial Park Reviews

I'm a big fan of Ontario's Provincial Parks.  Our family started camping in 2005, when we rented two different models of tent trailer to try out the camping scene.

As a kid, I camped quite a bit.  Almost always in a tent.  Sometimes travelling by canoe.  My wife and I camped a few times in a tent together, and after narrowly escaping a tornado one time, we decided that tenting was for the braver of heart.

So, with our four-year-old and one-year-old, we headed up North in a rented tent trailer, twice, and loved it.  The following year, we bought a Rockwood Roo 19.  Best purchase we've ever made.

Since then, we've tried to get out at least three full weeks every summer, plus a spring trip (almost always Father's Day weekend) and a fall trip (Labour Day).  We've even been as far East as the Atlantic Ocean, on a trip through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

We've stayed in some of Canada's National Parks, a Quebec Provincial (sorry, "national") park, and one "family camping" park, but our favourite parks, by far, are the Ontario Parks system of Provincial Parks.  They have everything - sandy beaches, warm water, wildlife, quiet trails, still lakes, and educational programs for kids and adults.

I'll keep this page up to date as we cover more parks.

August 2010 (Pog Lake)
August 2008 (Pog Lake)
August 2005 (Canisbay Lake)
July 2009
July 2006
June 2010
June 2006
Bon Echo
July 2011
Charleston Lake
August 2006
Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
August 2007
Grundy Lake
August 2012
July 2010
July 2008
Halfway Lake
July 2009
September 2010
2010 Park Tabloid - My daughter, the Cover Girl!
September 2009
June 2008
May 2006
July 2010
August 2006
Long Point
September 2008
September 2007
MacGregor Point
June 2011
June 2010
June 2009
July 2008
June 2007
Marten River
July 2012
July 2007
Murphys Point
August 2011
Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, Quebec
July 2013
Prince Edward Island National Park, PEI
August 2007
September 2006
August 2008
July 2011
July 2005
Samuel de Champlain
August 2009
Silent Lake
July 2012
South Mountain Park Campground, Nova Scotia
August 2007


  1. Try Jacques Cartier Provincial Park in PEI it is the most beautiful of all. We had a site right on the ocean man the moon coming up over the Ocean was breath taking. Check it out you will love it.

  2. I loved PEI - we'll be back some day.

  3. Anonymous2:27 pm

    We have enjoyed tent camping forever but now that we have a 3-year old we find it a lot more work. Thinking of getting a 19' roo and we're wondering how you liked it. Anything to be aware of?

  4. We LOVE the Roo. We bought it when the girls were 4 and 1 - they're 11 and 8 now, and we've got 5 trips booked for this summer.

    We rented a tent trailer twice before buying the Roo, and the Roo has everything we found lacking in the tent trailers. We love the large fridge, freezer, couch, and with two girls the bathroom has been a fantastic feature.

    We pull it with a Jeep Liberty - nothing huge, but the trailer is light enough that it gets the job done.

    The Roo is small enough to squeeze into just about any campsite, but on a rainy day it's roomy enough that the four of us don't get in each other's way at all.

    1. Anonymous10:34 pm

      Thanks for your reply. That's great to hear! We're looking at a 2012 one and it apparently they have improved the seals around the flop out beds (some people have complained about leaks). As soon as we settle on something we'll have to hurry up and book some sites!
      ...we'll have to check your blog for recommendations!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your campsite reviews. We just trade in our Roo and it will be sadly missed.

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