Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honest Scrap award

Honest Scrap Award[1]

Emily blessed me with a meme.  I have to share ten things about myself, then pass it on.

1. After high school, I went to theatre school.  Dropped out after three years because I got a job at a professional theatre.  Did that for a couple of years, starved for a while, then went to computer school.  That's worked out ok so far.

2. I worked at two radio stations while in university.  I would do the overnight shift on Saturday night/early Sunday morning, then zip to the other station for the rest of the day.  This was while I was young and stupid.  Still, that was three very fun years of my life.

3. I lived in Montreal when I was young, but I can't stand the Canadiens.  Hoping to see Sid the Kid knock them out tomorrow night.

4. I met my wife in June, got engaged three weeks later, and got married ten months after that.  Nineteen (19!) years ago today.

5. I hate it when people loose their mind and misspell the word lose.

6. I also "hate" it when people throw quotes around "everything".

7. I can't eat sweet things.

8. Single malt scotch and I are fond of each other.

9. Curling is the best sport in the world.  If you disagree, you've never tried it.

10. I can't think of 10 people to pass this on to.


  1. I think I knew you went to theater school, but that still surprised me. :)

    Engaged after three weeks. Wow! (we are 9 years this year too)

  2. 19!! Not 9. wow...


  3. We got married in grade eight. :)