Monday, June 21, 2010

MacGregor Point Provincial Park - June 2010

I need to turn in my camping license...

We arrived at MacGregor Point on Friday afternoon, for our annual Father’s Day weekend camping trip.  The first stop after registering at any park is the water station, to fill up the fresh water tank.  Usually, the water pressure is not very strong, so it takes a while.  At MacGregor though, there was plenty of water pressure to go around.  Perhaps a little too much.

I put the hose in the tank, and turned on the tap.  Luckily, I caught the hose as it was trying to escape the tank.  Then I realized that I may not have opened the water heater bypass.  I called for my nine-year-old to come help me for a minute.  Switching hands on the hose so I could hand it to her, I accidentally let go.  The hose came flying out of the water tank, spraying water like... well... a fire hose.  I was drenched - stiched across the thighs by the water.  I managed to corral the hose and hand it to my daughter.

Then, I turned quickly to go into the trailer so I could attend to the water heater.  Except, there was a huge boulder in the way.  I walked smack into the damn thing, carving up my shin quite badly.  I limped into the trailer and found the water heater bypass in the correct position.  I took the hose from my daughter and carried on filling the tank.  She hopped back in the car and said, "Dad's soaking wet, and he's got blood running all down his leg!"  The cavalry did not ride to my rescue.  I think they were laughing too hard.

Other than that, the weekend was awesome.  We had fantastic weather, and did lots of biking on the excellent trails.


  1. We are planning to go to MacGregor Point Prov. Park this coming late July and this is our first time going to this park and we apprreciate it if you can comment on the beach part if it is good to swim, I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old who loves water but i heard Lake Huron is cold the whole year and I am not sure if the beach area is good, could you let me know.

    We are also planning to bring the bikes as I heard this has a good bike trails as you have mentioned.


  2. Hi Jan.

    Late July should be great. The beach is not huge, but the water is really shallow for quite a ways out. The water should be warm.

    We go to MacGregor every Father's Day (mid-June) and the water is often warm enough to swim then - the kids (10 and 7 this year) will be swimming for sure.

    The lake bottom is sandy for quite a way out. There is a large rock pile that the kids like to swim out to, and it's sandy all the way.

    The beach has a nice playground with a tire swing that seems to always keep the kids busy.

    Absolutely bring the bikes! There is a long loop trail that winds around the whole park, joining the beach, visitor centre and campgrounds.

    Have a good trip!