Monday, July 05, 2010

Awenda Provincial Park

We spent a few days at Awenda Provincial Park last week.  The first couple of nights were quite chilly, with the temperature down around nine degrees, but after that it warmed up nicely.  The cool temperatures made for some nice biking, which is one of Awenda's best features.  We did the entire loop of the Bluff trail.  There are some rough and hilly parts to the trail, with rocks and roots providing a challenge.  We stopped partway along to go down the Nipissing trail staircase to the beach.  The park guide says there are 155 steps, so of course the kids had to count.  They were mortified to discover that the actual count is 162.  I think they'll be writing letters to get this corrected.  We also hiked the Dunes/Homestead trail, which ends up on a huge sand dune that is covered in a huge patch of poison ivy.

Friday was a great beach day - very sunny and warm.  The water was surprisingly not bone chilling, especially in the shallow coves at the end of the main beach.  My six-year-old was floating on her boogie board when it flipped over (I may have had something to do with that).  The board flipped
her off and whacked her in the mouth, knocking out a (already very loose) tooth.  The tooth sank to the bottom of Georgian Bay.  I stood in place while she headed for shore, shrieking, "My tooth!  My tooth!  My tooth!"  The nine-year-old grabbed her goggles and quickly swam out, dove down, and retrieved the tooth off the sandy bottom.  The tooth fairy came twice this week, once for each kid.  It has been raining teeth in our house lately...

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  1. Did you walk all the way to the all sand beaches (4 and 5 if I remember correctly). Or were you hanging out at the first two?

  2. We swam at the first two and biked to the third one (the dog beach). I tried to talk the group into biking down to the far beaches, but nobody would bite. :)

  3. We regularly hiked all the way to 4 when I was a kid. Always got back sweaty. Every time we did it, the walk seemed to get shorter.

    My sister and I walked to beach 5 on our own (she was 10 and I was 12 I think) and we happened upon a group of nudists. One old man sun-bathing, umm, belly side up was enough of a mental scarring image for me. We ske-daddled out of there in a hurry!

  4. I wish I could un-read that. :O