Monday, July 26, 2010

Grundy Lake Provincial Park - 2010

We spent a week at Grundy Lake Provincial Park and a few days at Killarney Provincial Park last week.  The parks are a good pair to do together, as they’re only a little over an hour apart.

The water at Grundy was so warm - the girls were swimming every day, and they especially enjoyed the jumping rocks - a series of cliffs to jump off.  The smallest was about 6 feet, the medium was about 10 feet, and the large was about 15 feet high.






Grundy was home to a pair of trumpeter swans a few years ago, but the male was found dead with a broken wing.  The female has returned with a new mate, and they have a young one now.  The family is very used to people, and they don't seem to mind cruising close to shore.





We saw quite a bit of wildlife from the canoe on this trip.  One evening we were following a beaver around the edge of the lake, when we heard something on shore.  It was a raccoon, snacking on something at the edge of the water.

We drove down a park road to Pakeshkag Lake, and paddled from there across a small waterfall (well, lifted the canoe over the waterfall), to the end of the lake.  There is a portage over railroad tracks at the end, which we struggled over.  On the way back, we cut through the tunnel under the tracks.  That was a much better way to go.  This end of the park is beautiful, and very quiet. 


We had a picnic lunch and a swim before heading back.  Somehow, we were quiet enough to see a deer at the edge of the lake, and some kind of freaky bird.  Anyone care to take a guess what this was?



Lots more Gundy Lake photos here:


  1. Nice pictures. Your 'freaky bird' is a young turkey vulture.

  2. Thanks!

    We figured out the turkey vulture when we got home and had access to a decent Field Guide to Freaky Birds.