Friday, September 10, 2010

Pile on many more layers, and I'll be joining you there

Sitting at my desk, trying to debug a nasty crash.

There's a crowd of about a dozen people all around me.  At least three separate conversations are taking place.  Some are work-related.

The largest group is huddled around a speaker phone, all shouting at the same time.

Tell me, how often do I wander over to the project/product managers' work area and wake them during their afternoon naps?  The correct answer is... never.


  1. I already complain so much about those 'informal' meetings that happen all over the place, bothering people who are at their desks and making walking in the area an impossible task, that I won't complain here.

    The other day I found out that we seem to have something called 'meeting rooms'. Some are even big enough to fit a large group of people... Just a thought. :-)

  2. Forgot to say: I'm happy now, because my cubicle is in a quiet area near the exit.

    I couldn't stand my previous seat, there was a daily parade of people who would spend the day talking about anything but work... not to me, of course. I'm not fun.