Thursday, July 21, 2011

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

“[Gobal warming] is a scientific hypothesis and a controversial one.” (Stephen Harper, Toronto Star, September 5, 2002)

Good thing Dear Leader says climate change is a myth, or this might worry me.



Kitchener - Cambridge - Region of Waterloo
10:55 AM EDT Thursday 21 July 2011
Weather warning for
Kitchener - Cambridge - Region of Waterloo issued

Extreme temperatures and humidex values expected today.

The humid tropical air mass has arrived as expected. The strong July sun will quickly cause the mercury to soar well into the middle and upper thirties this afternoon. Combining the record setting temperatures with the high humidity in this sultry tropical air mass will result in oppressive humidex values in the low to mid forties across all of Southern Ontario by this afternoon.


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  1. Dear leader knows best. Besides, it's only hot if you turn off the AC and open the window. People can still go out as long as they don't step out of their SUVs.