Friday, December 30, 2011

Conversation of the day

The 11 year old is blonde.  Lately, she's been really blonde.  I mean this as no offense to blonde people, but man has she lost whatever common sense she's ever had.

Today the 8 year old ran downstairs to grab her snow pants and winter boots.

F: Sis!  Sis!  I'm going to build a snowman!

V: [pause] Outside?

Me: Holy f...iretruck...


  1. Maybe being 11 and pubescent has a lot to do with it too. Perhaps even more than the colour of her hair. :)

  2. Still no excuse for thinking your sister is going to build a snowman in the basement, although I wouldn't be totally surprised if she tried. :)

  3. So, big sister knows little sister pretty well! :)