Monday, January 09, 2012

Turkey, er... chicken shoot

Smallest daughter was part of a "turkey shoot" at junior curling yesterday.  Teams of four were throwing draws to see who the lucky winners would be.  As it turns out, her team had three rocks in the house (two of hers, she was careful to make clear to us) and were the winners of four frozen roasting chickens.

Some years, by the time winter ends and BBQ season starts, the freezer is full of boxes with place numbers written on them.  Generally, "4th" means pork chops, "3rd" means ribs, "2nd" means steaks, and "1st" is steaks and/or ribs.  This year, there's a chicken in the freezer and the eight-year-old is sporting a big grin.

- p.s. - for the curious, "5th" and "6th" are usually ham, "7th" and "8th" are bacon.  It's good bacon, but it's never as good as the 1st place steaks.

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  1. Tell Fi "congratulations" from me!