Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who was fitted with collar and chain

Looking forward to seeing Tony "Cashbox" Clement do the perp walk soon.

New Democrat MP Charlie Angus issued the call Monday based on new documents in which a senior federal bureaucrat contradicts Clement’s insistence that he was not involved in choosing which projects would get funding to spruce up his riding.
“He told the Canadian people, ‘If anybody could ever prove that I would do that, I’d turn myself over to the cops.’ Well, Tony, what about it?” Angus told a news conference.

Conservative cabinet minister Tony Clement was involved in choosing which projects were selected for the multi-million dollar G8 legacy fund, according to documents obtained by the federal New Democrats.
“It is my understanding that MINO [the Minister’s Office] advised Infrastructure Canada which projects should be supported under the G8 Infrastructure & Legacy Fund and their staff prepared the contribution agreements for them accordingly,” said a January 13, 2010 email from Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor) official Tom Dodds that the NDP released to the media on Monday.


  1. "Some chief went to prison to see the Prime Minister ... "
    "Why did he have to go to prison?"
    "We put all our politicians in prison as soon as they're elected. Don't you?"
    "Saves time."
    - Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

  2. We put them in the Senate!

  3. Often when they've LOST their election!