Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soon, the blue, so soon

Camping season is coming up fast, and we'll be out of this freezing rain crap and into the blue, blue waters.

Ontario Parks has a list of alternatives today - for when the popular park you're trying to get into is full.

They suggest Murphys Point Provincial Park, instead of Bon Echo or Charleston Lake Provincial Parks.  I loved all three.

Arrowhead or Samuel de Champlain Provincial Parks instead of Algonquin Provincial Park.  These three are quite different.  Nothing compares to Algonquin, but Arrowhead is so close you can drive into Algonquin to hike or canoe.  Samuel de Champlain is a nice place, but not in the same category.

Presqu’ile Provincial Park near Brighton, instead of Sandbanks Provincial Park.  I haven't been to Sandbanks - the campsites don't look that great, and I suspect it's full of the Toronto crowd (no offense, Toronto).  Presqu'ile is a nice beach park, but the hiking and wildlife are scarce.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park, instead of Killbear Provincial ParkGrundy is one of my favourites, and I much prefer it to Killbear.  We'll be there in August!

Inverhuron Provincial Park, instead of The Pinery Provincial ParkInverhuron wins, hands down.  Beautiful sandy beach at Inverhuron, and great biking, with none of the crowds of The Pinery.  See you there Labour Day weekend!

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  1. We love Arrowhead and Grundy. We're visiting both again this year. Maybe see you at Grundy in August. Inverhuron sounds nice. We've been looking for something on Lake Huron that wasn't the Pinery, so maybe we'll give that a try. Good info. Thanks Marc.