Thursday, June 14, 2012

Emergency department wait times

There's been plenty of news coverage lately of 12-hour (or more) wait times in the emergency departments at local hospitals.  Let me just say, your mileage may vary.  I walked into Grand River's ER this morning at 11:15 and walked out exactly two hours later, with a sniffly eight-year-old sporting a shiny cast on her arm.  Let's just say her "Cirque du Soleil" audition has been postponed. She swears she made the leap onto the monkey bars six times last week, and didn't fall once.  This time she didn't stick the landing.  But, I digress...

Two hours, not twelve.  And the "self-pay" parking station was under repair, so the gates were up and parking was free.

The only thing they need to change is their PACS system...

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  1. Anonymous3:24 pm

    They are changing their Fuji.

    Also...check out

    for ER wait times.