Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012


From draw 1 at the Manitoba Scotties, a tough day at the office.


Pass the Advil, please

// Ensure the merged data we are using is appropriate to image
// Note that, some of the time, the type of and position
// may not be the same. (though their values will stil equate under
// javascript's equality rules)  Therefore, it isn't safe to require
// the types of both to be equal.
// tl;dr: don't change the equality comparison to "==="

var merged;

if( == position )
 merged = this.merged;
   merged = this.merged.parent.getChild(position);  

This is a picture I did not take

Of a labradoodle (or could have been a goldendoodle, hard to tell) out for a walk this morning, wearing snowpants.  Not doggie booties, snowpants.  A four-legged version of the typical kid's black snowpants, with the straps hiked up over its hips and shoulders.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Intermediate Regionals

I got picked up as a spare for a team playing in the OCA Intermediate Regionals.  If you look closely at the draw sheet you can see us going A, B, see you later.  We're listed as team Martin, but Martin himself was tanning his studly physique on a beach in Cuba this weekend.

The ice in Markdale was the worst I have played on in a long time.  We were throwing our normal board weight just to hit the house.  The rocks were squirrely as well.  Our lead was throwing one that was 15 feet lighter than the other, and it lost handle on every throw.  Brutal.

I felt a little better when I saw the vice for the favourite team in the thing hog a guard in the 11th end of their game last night.  That was typical of all the games across the four sheets.

Too bad a Regional has to be played under such shitty conditions.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Down this road we've been so many times

How often do you find yourself writing code for an edge case, and you say to yourself, "This will NEVER happen.  But when it does..."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*Still* hiring?

Dear HR folks:

It's not the number of interviews that are a statistic of interest, it's the number of individual contributors you actually onboard that matters.

Conversation of the day

Smallest daughter was grouching about school one day.  She said that the class was learning a bunch of kindergarten songs, and that they all wanted something a little more "grown up" - something more in tune with the tastes of third graders.

F: Mr. C only teaches us stupid songs, like 'Poor little bug on the wall'.

Me: You sang that song in nursery school.

F: Oho! So you see my POINT, DO YOU?!?!?!

Commodities forecast

Just because aluminum has gone up in price every quarter for the last 40 quarters doesn't mean it won't go down this time.

Curling sponsorship

Think the nice people who make Advil would be keen to sponsor a curling team?  In particular, an Intermediates (40+) team that will be playing this weekend?  My shoulders would be ever so grateful.

Monday, January 16, 2012

It must be Monday

It's amazing how much more effective a fix is when you remember to publish it to the web server before testing it again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new machine

Welcome to The Twitter.

I'll be coaching a team at the 2012 Timbits Provincial Curling Championship in Parry Sound in April.  To keep family, friends, schoolmates and school staff up to date on the team's progress while we prepare and while we're at the event, I've created a Twitter account.

Follow along as we practice and compete!

Coding in JavaScript

Coding in JavaScript is like coding with your pants around your ankles.  You never know what's going to happen, and you just hope for the best...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Turkey, er... chicken shoot

Smallest daughter was part of a "turkey shoot" at junior curling yesterday.  Teams of four were throwing draws to see who the lucky winners would be.  As it turns out, her team had three rocks in the house (two of hers, she was careful to make clear to us) and were the winners of four frozen roasting chickens.

Some years, by the time winter ends and BBQ season starts, the freezer is full of boxes with place numbers written on them.  Generally, "4th" means pork chops, "3rd" means ribs, "2nd" means steaks, and "1st" is steaks and/or ribs.  This year, there's a chicken in the freezer and the eight-year-old is sporting a big grin.

- p.s. - for the curious, "5th" and "6th" are usually ham, "7th" and "8th" are bacon.  It's good bacon, but it's never as good as the 1st place steaks.

TSN Curling Skins Game

We were at Casino Rama yesterday to take in the final of this year's TSN Curling Skins Game.  What a great game!  Pat Simmons was on fire for Koe's team, making almost everything.  Koe himself was a highlight reel, with big weight runbacks and many draws covering the pin.

The decision on the shot to win the game came down to either a draw for a carryover or a big weight triple.  I was leaning towards the draw myself, thinking that it would be a good warmup for the carryover-deciding draw for the win.  However, it was definitely possible to make the double and stick around, so even if the triple didn't work, the carryover would still happen.

Simmons put the broom down and told Koe it would work, no doubt keeping an eye on the clock that had them down around a minute left at that point.  Koe gripped it and ripped it, and cashed a big cheque.  Definitely a candidate for shot of the year.