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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going postal

Our house is twenty-six years old.  We've lived there for fourteen years.  The kids went up and down the front steps hundreds of times while they learned to walk.

Flyers make their way to the mailbox.  UPS delivers packages.  Purolator delivers packages.  FedEx delivers packages.  The newspaper comes every day, often delivered by a teenaged (or younger) person.  I go to work and come home from work through the front door a couple hundred days a year.

And yet, Canada Post says the steps are a death trap.  They will no longer deliver mail to my door, because there are three steps with no railing.  This is a huge concern for the safety of our letter carrier.  This is the same letter carrier, mind you, who is able to climb the sloping driveway with no problem.  The same letter carrier who is able to waltz across the front lawn, which is on an even greater slope, in the winter time when the snow is thigh deep and the kids have been tobogganing down the hill.

My options are to move the mailbox or install a railing, within five days.  The Canada Post employee who delivered the news to us wasn't kind enough to leave specifications of what sort of railing would satisfy their rules, so I'm left to guess.  I tried to find some information on the Canada Post website, but all I could dig up were offers for commemorative Kate Middleton stamps.  Is this the service we expect to get for our money?  Have they forgotten who they work for?

I can't believe we still get door-to-door mail service in Canada.  I'm all in favour of installing a SuperMailBox on our street.  Failing that, I'd leave the mail at the Post Office, where it would stay warm and dry until I picked it up, except they want to charge me for not delivering the mail.  So instead, it will sit hanging out of the mailbox in the rain and snow - that is, if there isn't too much snow for our letter carrier to slog through.

When the new Shoppers Drug Mart was built in Elmira, Canada Post employees raised a stink about a postal outlet being part of the store.  In the end it didn't happen.  I say, bring it on.  The service would be much, much better than we're getting now.